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A Monster's Expedition sets off on a puzzling adventure next week

Packed your bags?

Packed your bags? Shined your fangs? Good stuff - you wouldn't want to be late for A Monster's Expedition now, would you? Alan "Draknek" Hazelden (of A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build and Cosmic Express fame) and friends are taking us to a monstrously delightful puzzle archipelago next Tuesday, navigating a peculiar museum of old humanity by way of log-pushing puzzle-solving.

Developers Draknek & Friends announced the departure date earlier today, setting things off with a new launch trailer.

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As per Hazelden's existing run of delightful puzzlers, A Monster's Expedition (Through Puzzling Exhibitions) offers a charming series of bite-sized brainteasers to untangle. This time, his eye is firmly on the Sokoban field - framing an open-world romp across an unusually flooded museum by way of these log-pushing challenges. Seems an unwieldy way to get around, sure, but then my flimsy arms can't knock timber around like this fuzzy friend.

Now, I am firmly useless at these sorts of games - but A Monster's Expedition does look a right charming place to visit. It's made the all-too-real framing of "Human Englandland" being sunk beneath the waves as rather charming, the detritus of human folly dug up and looked over with wonder by the array of monstrous beasts certain to take our place. How twee!

This time 'round, Hazelden is working with artist Adam de Grandis, musician Eli Rainsberry and an awfully familiar wordsmith named Pip Warr. A Monster's Expedition arrives on Steam and Itch next Thursday, September 10th.

Disclosure: Yes, alright, former RPS-er Pip Warr has been penning plenty of words for A Monster’s Expedition.

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