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A Second Look At SOMA

Soma so good.

We still don't know much about SOMA, Amnesia developers Frictional's next game. But there is a general theme emerging from the teaser videos: the first video showed an engineer attempting to communicate with what appeared to be a H.R. Giger's CRT monitor. This new video shows the same engineer talking to a disassembled robot. In the game's fiction, it's a "standard UH3 articulated robot," and it "spontaneously developed a desire to socialize from observing human interaction." It gets creepier. Way creepier.

As far as I can tell, the robot in the video below has already mutilated one other robot, basically attempting to cannibalise it before pulling itself apart and mimicking a crew member. As you'll see, aside from being deluded about what it is and where is it, the bot actually knows way more about the person it's mimicking than it should. This is no mere reading of a personnel file, but a burrowing into his memories and emotions that he didn't expect. It must have read his Livejournal page!

He is suitably spooked, and I am too. This is looking to be an interesting world they're building, and it holds more interest to me than the castle of Amnesia. Robots > Gatherers.

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