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A Work Of Art: Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion Trailer

This morning I handed Jim Tangiers, a game of stealth with hints of Marcel Duchamp, William Burroughs, and J.G. Ballard. And what does he hand me back? Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion. A game about flatulent orcs. I can't believe he's impooned me in such a way. I should sewer him and his webshite, toot suite. I did not asscent to sulpher such an indignity, to be the butt of his joke. Well, the joke's on him. Instead of poo poooing this, I took a look at it and ended up pumped.

It absolutely really is a game about an Orc army with destructive flatulence. It seems quite breezy, to be honest. It needed at least one thing to make me post it: a good use of methane. That moment happened in a co-op game, when one of the players wreathed the enemy in gas and another ignited it. It's a bit like Magicka in that regard, though I suspect Magicka's got this trumped. If there's more the gas attacks than using them as an offensive weapon, say using your gas to power a boat or inflate a balloon, then it might be dimly cute.

You can make your opinion known over on Steam Greenlight.

Actually, the effect seems surprisingly dramatic. I'm impressed with the concussive force contained within the colons of the troops. It has quite an area of effect. That's definitely an army that marches on its stomach.

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