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Eugen's Act Of Aggression Deploying In September


A funny thing, how Eugen Systems' recent RTS games don't get the attention they perhaps deserve.

Commenters point out even we are often guilty of neglecting them. Let's try not to repeat that with Act of Aggression [official site].

There is a secret message hidden within this post.

Oh nothing as sophisticated as the

Flare Path Foxer - I'm no Roman

And honestly I don't know much about war and planes and tanks and bombs and bullets though years of playing FPSs have

Granted me perhaps too much knowledge about types of


Right, anyway. Act of Aggression is

Eugen's latest base-building real-time

Strategy game, calling back to their old Act of War

Series. Our Adam wrote a bit about

It and yes, that sounds splendid.

Oh good grief I've just realised how long it'll take me to finish this lousy acrostic

No matter

War. Huah. What is

It good for? Everyone knows those

Lines but have you heard Edwin Starr's follow-up single, Stop the War? It's

Less iconic but I think I perhaps

Like it more. It's always on my phone's Spotify lists

As I roam around and ride the

Underground, just in case I

Need some kind of toe-tapping jam which a message that'll keep me

Chill as some



Named, I don't know, let's say







Because dear lord, I've only just returned to London from

Edinburgh and this place is a

Right horrorbastard

2day and

no mistake


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