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This Means Wargame: Eugen Launch Act Of Aggression

Get yr war on

War! Huah! What is it good for? Trite jokes, certainly, but it also provides a convenient theme to cover systems of risk, reward, deception, possibility, and control that are pretty fun to explore in video games. Thanks, war - you've done us all right. Aside from that whole 'killing millions' part.

The latest war 'em up is Act of Aggression [official site], the new real-time strategy game from Wargame developers Eugen Systems, and a follow-up to their olde Act of War games. It's out now, launched today.

Act of Aggressions a near-future throwdown between three factions with modern-ish arms and vehicles, along with some zany stuff like honking great railguns. It's shooting for that arcade-y '90s style of RTS where you build your own sprawling base and send out harvesters to gather materials as you pump out armies, which is an old style I still have a soft spot for.

I couldn't tell you much more about it, but Eugen have been running a beta for a while, so perhaps some of y'all have played it and could tell the rest of us about it?

Act of Aggression is £34.99 for Windows on Steam. Here's the launch trailer:

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