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Age Of Empires 2: Definitive Edition's Dynasties Of India DLC adds lots of elephants

Big boats, too

Our Nate (RPS in peace) is a big fan of Age Of Empires 2, calling it the best strategy game ever made and, in his Definitive Edition review saying it was still that, "but now, there's a lot more of it."

Well, there's more of it again, now, with the release of the Dynasties Of India DLC. If you want to watch an elephant headbutt a pyramid until it bursts, watch the trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoAge Of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Dynasties Of India Trailer

I've never seen an elephant bulldoze a building before. I did once see an elephant use its trunk to pluck and eat poop right out of another elephant's butthole though, so I'm willing to believe those big grey bastards are crazy enough to do it.

The Dynasties of India DLC adds three new playable civilizations: the Bengalis, who build armies of elephants and chariot units; the Dravidians, a seafaring empire who posess massive boats and Urumi Swordsman; and the Gurjaras, who have quick cavalry units and infantry who throw deadly metal discs. Like me, when I used to make the CDs and DVDs that would come stuck to the front of games mags.

There are also three new campaigns focused on particular moments from Indian history, all of which are fully voiced. In all, there are nine new units, 15 singleplayer missions, as well as new buildings.

Dynasties Of India is available via the Xbox store and via Steam, where it costs £8/$10/€10.

Nate might reckon Age Of Empires 2 is the best RTS, but I'd still argue that Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance's gigantic emotionless robots could beat up AoE's frail old horses any day. RPS's communal list of the best strategy games on PC, real-time and otherwise, agrees with me, although there are turn-based 4X, grand strategy and tactics games that place higher than both on the list.

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