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Age Of Mythology: Retold swims like a suspicious swan on to PC and Game Pass this September


The cover artwork for Age of Mythology Retold, showing various gods and monsters
Image credit: World's Edge

Age Of Mythology: Retold, the remaster of the classic strategy beast-em-up, is due to release this year, 4th September 2024 on PC and Game Pass. This will be the 2002 game’s second remaster following its Extended Addition re-release in 2014, and aims to thoroughly spiff up the original with a 3D visual overhaul, new animations and texture, plus UI and QOL improvements. Prevent yourself being seduced by the suspiciously thunder-imbued swan that’s currently chatting you up, and have a gander at the trailer below:

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Describing itself as ‘an epic and innovative experience for old and new players alike’, Retold - like the original game - riffs on the classic Age of Empires series fundamentals with a diverse roster of monsters and creatures. The original release featured three factions: Greek, Egyptian and Norse. Subsequent expansions added Atlantean and Chinese forces, and Retold aims to bundle these additional bits together into a single package.

I have fond memories of Age Of Mythology, although slightly less fond memories of my dad telling me that "easy mode is basically a tutorial" when I finished the campaign before him. No need to get tilted there, dad. It’s fine to admit that my clicking skills have surpassed yours. If you fancy a lil’ deep dive into the updated systems - nothing Atlantean, but Swan-level at least - Edwin wrote about them here.

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