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Alien Breed 2, 2

Poor old Team 17's rebooted Alien Breed hasn't had the best luck on PC, having had its thunder royally stolen by Valve's rebooted (and, more to the point, free) Alien Swarm. Too many aliens, too many reboots happening at once. Unbowed - well, probably a little bowed, I suspect - they're having another go, with the release and demo of Alien Breed 2: Assault. This is not the same as the original Alien Breed 2. It confuses me. I want to cry. But I also want to shoot aliens!

[Post-post note from Jim: We actually just got this, so I think John is going to take a look at it.]

Release and demo, I believe I said. I should probably link you to that, huh?

This second 'chapter' appears to be broadly more of the same as May's first Unreal 3-powered chunk, but offers a bunch more weapons, aliens, a 'mounted gun section' and a new survival mode in both singleplayer and co-op.

I didn't ever get around to trying out first chapter Impact - what was the general consensus? Should we be craving this one's ichor?

£6.99, Steam only, looks like this:

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