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All Those No Man’s Sky Trailers In One Place

Trailer park trash

Choo choooo! All aboard the Hype Express, next stop Trailersville. No Man’s Sky [official site] has been blowing its own fanfare for the past few days with a bunch of trailers giving sneak peeks of what you’ll actually be doing in space and on the surface of all those lovely-looking, potentially hazardous planets. If you haven’t had a chance to see them all yet, here they are gathered together.


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Choo-chooooooo! It’s so pleasant on this Hype train, isn’t it. But what’s the final destination? It could be Disappointmentville, or maybe Acceptance-That-This-Game-Isn’t-The-Best-Thing-Ever-But-Still-Pretty-OK Town. We don’t know because review copies still haven’t been sent out to anyone yet and this is causing all sorts of pandemonium, from a punter paying over a thousand dollars for it and streaming it from his sofa, to journos scavenging around in shops to secure an illicit early copy. It’s all pretty absurd.

Like a lot of folks, the more I see of its space-faring and gun-shooting, the less excited I am. Partly that’s because something that was once an ethereal dream of a game is now quickly being made solid. Even though many people have been saying “don’t get your hopes too high” for years, I suspect the enthusiasm No Man's Sky was met with has cursed it from the first moment the world laid eyes on the interstellar postcard fantasy back in December 2013.

However, like I say, we don’t know what it's really like yet. But we’ll have our verdict soon enough, just you wait. It's scheduled for release on Steam on August 12.

Disclosure: Our Alec has done some last minute writing on No Man's Sky. He won't write about it on the site anymore. Or make eye contact with us.

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