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All Walls Must Fall busts out of early access next week

With a hefty discount to boot

After infiltrating early access last August, the slightly conceptually overwhelming All Walls Must Fall is finally ready to break out and release for real. That's the tactical tech-noir cyberpunk time travel game set in an alternate-history Berlin nightclub, in case you'd somehow forgotten. Dominic reported on it favourably in the past but here's reminder: you have one night to prevent a nuclear attack. If you can tear yourself away from the dancefloor, that is. During its early access gestation period, the isometric tactics game has bolted on daily challenges, RPG elements, and various other doodads, so much so that developers inbetweengames now reckon it's ready to be unleashed to the wider world.

Since our last post about the game, the beta version of All Walls Must Fall has been released on Steam, revamping the story, adding new character portraits, mission types and club layouts, and perhaps most vitally of all, making it so that club signs now appear in nifty neon - this being the true definition of cyberpunk.

Meanwhile, bartenders will now offer you drinks (it is their job, after all), and if you're uneasy with the swearing or nudity in the game you can now censor it, and leave such things to your imagination. inbetweengames have had a few weeks since that previous update to fix bugs and hopefully add even more neon, so fingers crossed this promising cyber-tactics game will be in a fit state when it releases on the 23rd of Feb. There'll be a healthy 30% Steam discount when it does so.

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