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All your Steam Deck questions answered in our 19 minute Q&A

"What does it smell like?"

Last Friday I asked you, our loyal readers, if you had any burning questions about the Steam Deck. The aim was to answer as many as possible in time for the system’s official launch, which is today! After scouring through your questions and posing them to hardware editor James - who's been putting the system through its paces for a week or so now - we've created a mammoth 19 minute long video that's bursting at the seams with new information about Valve's first handheld PC.

Thanks so much to everyone who left a response on last week's article. We received over 100 questions that covered everything from simple queries such as, “How long does the battery last?” to the more specific, “How easy is it to reset to the default OS if I try installing Windows and it doesn’t go well?” Two users even pondered, “What does the Steam Deck smell like?” which I appreciated enormously.

In the video embedded above, James sheds light on everything from the Deck’s D-pad to its analogue sticks, obscure system settings and - as a result of my perpetual insistence - what it smells like. Happy days.

Once you’re done, do make sure to read James' full Steam Deck review, where he breaks down its performance, its software, and what it's like to use on the go. James also chatted to Valve's Gabe Newell about the Steam Deck, as well as what he and other Steam Deck devs have been playing on it. Spoilers: a lot of God Of War and a certain MMO, it turns out.

While many of us will have to wait a little longer before our own Steam Decks arrive, this week saw Valve release a new tool that tells you which games in your Steam library are compatible with it, which will no doubt be very handy for those still pondering popping in a pre-order as well.

Do you have a Steam Deck on order at the moment? And more importantly, do you think you'll keep your reservation now reviews are out? Let us know in the comments below.

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