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What do you want to know about the Steam Deck?

RPS Asks

We have a Steam Deck! Goodness, it’s thrilling to be able to say that out loud. Truth be told, we’ve had one for about a week (specifically our hardware editor James, the lucky duck), but as we approach its official launch date next Friday, we want to know if you have any burning questions we can help answer. James will be delivering his full review next week, putting the handheld through its paces from a performance standpoint, but if you'd like us to cover something specific about it, now's the time to tell us.

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Perhaps you’re curious about how long the battery lasts when playing a demanding game compared to a less intensive one? Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night, the lack of clarification about whether or not you can play Parkitect on the tube preventing your weary mind from resting? Will you not know peace until someone tells you how the thumb sticks compare to those found on an Xbox controller?

Pop your queries into the comments section below and I’ll sit down with James next week so he can answer them all for you in an upcoming video.

In the meantime, there's plenty of Steam Deck news to keep you ticking over while you wait for next week's launch (and until your own unit comes up for delivery in its ever-increasing reservation queue). Valve recently ramped up their compatibility testing, verifying that over 300 games will work on their handheld, while Epic CEO Tim Sweeney confirmed that Fortnite will not be receiving Steam Deck support due to ongoing concerns around cheating.

The Steam Deck is certainly one of the bits of hardware we're most looking forward to this year, so if there's anything you're on the fence about and would like us to investigate, do let us know in the comments below.

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