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Alone With You coming to PC on 9 February

A spot of storytelling for February

I confess I'd missed the chat about Alone With You [official site] - Benjamin Rivers' follow up to horror game, Home [official site] - when it headed to PlayStation in 2016, but having now peered at trailers and squinted at reviews (trying to parse them for mood rather than spoilers or explicit explainations) I'm pleased about the upcoming 9 Feb release.

The thing which caught my eye was the art style - pastel palette pixel point-and-click art. After a bit more investigation Alone With You looks to be an interactive drama with elements of puzzling as you explore, but also with a focus on the encounters and relationships you have with your crewmates.

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"You’re the last survivor of a doomed space colony, unraveling a mystery across many exotic environments in this captivating sci-fi adventure. Equipped with a scanner, you’ll reveal clues, solve puzzles, and discover the fates of over two-dozen colonists and the secrets of their interwoven lives. By day you’ll explore this richly detailed world with the help of the colony’s troubled AI. And each night, you'll spend quality time with several holographic companions, forging lasting relationships while gaining further insight into the colony’s tragic downfall."

The one thing I'd note from the trailer is that I'm hoping I find the text boxes easier to read in-game than in the YouTube trailer. But, from the console version reviews, it sounds like the sort of storytelling game that has a kind of bittersweetness or enjoyable melancholy which goes wonderfully with a mug of hot tea and a blanket on a cold evening. A nice prospect for early February.

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