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Sci-fi romance adventure Alone With You out now


We told you that Alone With You [official site], the "sci-fi romance adventure" from Home creator Benjamin Rivers, was coming to PC on February 9. We told you. Do you think we wouldn't remember? Do you think we just tell you about these release dates ahead of time because it pleases us? No. We're doing this for your benefit. But go ahead, ignore what we've said. Let us repeat ourselves then. It's only your own time you're wasting.

Anyway, it's out now, so there's no point in getting upset. Well, there might be, if the tinge of sadness and tragedy in the game is heart-pinching enough. You see, you're the last surviving astroperson of a failed colony. You explore the landscape and facilities during the day alongside the settlement's AI and chat to holographic images during the night in a bid for companionship. It's a pastel-pixel world that the creators describe as a "love letter to the Sega CD". Expect lots of dialogue boxes, puzzles and mystery unveiling. It's got multiple endings and branching conversations. So basically a Mass Effect loyalty mission without the guns.

The developer has previously posted about some of the characters that will appear in the game, so you can read about them if you like that sort of thing. I prefer going into things like this blind. So I've put some masking tape on my screen to cover their descriptions. You can do the same if you want.

Alone With You was previously released on PS4 and something called a "PS Vita" but now it's ours. It's 15% off at the mo, coming to £5.94/$8.49 on Steam.

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