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Musical Word Puzzling: Alphabeats Demo

Letter letter BASS!

Words. They're okay, aren't they? I see a lot of words each day, and unfortunately many are my own. But what if forming words could be like a disco rather than pulling teeth? Probably not created with that idea in mind, here comes Alphabeats [official site]. It's a musical word-forming puzzler, where letters rain down from the skies and we try to grab them to form words while avoiding not-words. You can play a demo in your browser this very day.

Unless you use Linux, in which case the lack of a Unity plugin makes it a mite trickier. For those folks, and I suppose people who won't play a game without reading a description, here goes.

Alphabeats is a word-forming puzzler where random letters rain down along tracks. Collecting one starts forming a word, collecting another adds to it, and so on, until either you choose to cash the word in for points or collect a letter which kills your wordseed dead. The longer your word, the more points it scores, but also the more you need to dodge falling letters. And it's musical too, so the pace of words changes with the song. And it has powerups, obvs.

When you murder a wordling, it has a nice touch of flashing up words that you could've formed until you cocked it up.

After debuting on iThings last year, Alphabeats is having a crack at Steam Greenlight with an autumn release in mind. It's made by Rad Dragon, which is Kyoto Wild creator and Hyper Light Drifter chap Teddy Diefenbach and chum Mike Sennott.

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