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Amazon are bringing Diablo-like Korean MMO Lost Ark to the west

It's a free-to-play Diablo-like

If you can't beat 'em, localise 'em. That might be Amazon Games' new motto, since after multiple failed attempts to make a game of their own, they've decided to instead publish existing Korean MMO Lost Ark in the west. There's a trailer for the massive action RPG below - and, in fairness, it does look flash.

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Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMO that was released in Korea (and Russia and Japan) back in 2018, supposedly to considerable success. As you might have guessed from the trailer above, it's a Diablo-like, in which you pick from of 15 available classes and then plow through swarms of enemies. The MMO aspects manifest via being able to team up with pals to run raids, sail ships and build settlements.

All of this takes place in Arkesia, a magic realm overrun by demons upon which players are searching for the titular Lost Ark. Without having burst some demons myself, I can't tell you much about how its combat differs versus, say, Path Of Exile, but it sounds as if you customise your character by selecting base skills, then level those skills to select upgrades which change their function. There's also the expected mix of gear and dungeons in which to grind for it.

Amazon plan to launch Lost Ark in North America and Europe this autumn, but you can sign up for a beta due to take place in the summer via the official site. They also continue to work on their own MMO, New World, which is due to launch a closed beta in July and then finally release on August 31st.

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