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Diplomacy and dating sim Ambition: A Minuet In Power has entered the party

Navigate your social scene without visiting the guillotine

I can barely survive a two hour dinner party on most occasions, which is how I know I'd not survive life in the 1700's aristocracy—especially not right before the French Revolution. I do enjoy a good read though, so perhaps I'll stand a chance leaving with my head attached in the diplomacy and dating simulation Ambition: A Minuet In Power. This high society dating sims is out now, so you can take your own chances navigating your social scene without visiting the guillotine.

You'll head to Paris and handle the pre-revolution days with the tools at the disposal of a well-dressed lady: gossip, parties, and romance. You'll need to plan an appropriate wardrobe for events while also learning to leverage the secrets you overhear there.

"Use your calendar to plan your commitments each week in Paris, and more importantly, who you do them with," say developers Joy Manufacturing Co. "In a city marching towards revolution, time is of the essence, and your enemies have agendas of their own!"

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Alice B took Ambition: A Minuet Of Power for a turn about the room last October in a free demo and explains the perils of partygoing.

"You have a level of Peril and Credibility to keep an eye on, which I suspect will have an effect on the ending you might get, but in the demo there are some conversational gambits that require, for example, you be a certain amount of credible," Alice says. "It's also fun seeing what the outcomes are: a man was a dickhead to me at a party, so I insulted him back. It added to my Peril, but the people at the party enjoyed it."

You can actually still snag the demo version if you'd like to take Ambition for a go before you commit.

I'm rarely a dating simulation person myself, but I sure am susceptible to the threat of a calendar and the allure of a wardrobe system. Perhaps I could survive a party or two without making a complete fool of myself.

Ambition: A Minuet Of Power is out now on Steam at 10% discount for £14.39/$17.99 until August 25.

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