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Amnesia: Rebirth gameplay vid looks like a new Amnesia alright


'Tis the season to be spooky, and this year we're getting the treat of a new Amnesia game. After wandering around the bottom of the sea in Soma, Frictional Games are returning to the first-person horror series which made their name, and have now given a wee look at Amnesia: Rebirth in action. Ahead of the game's launch later this month, the trailer shows lots of familiar Amnesia things: dark corridors, a puzzle about mixing chemical ingredients, and being chased by a horrible monster which screams and froths and hisses like its lungs are hanging out its mouth. Good, lovely.

Hurling physics objects around, fiddling with mechanical devices to solve puzzles, following processes for more puzzles, collecting limited resources, running for my life as some awful creature gurgles at me, yep, I'm game for that.

Rebirth is set in an Algerian desert, where Tasi Trianon with no memory of what she's been up to recently but a whole lot of bodies and spookiness nearby. I'm going to guess bad things happened.

Amnesia: Rebirth is due on the 20th of October, hitting Windows, Mac, and Linux. It's coming via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. Oh, and it's on PS4 too.

I do like going wild with horror games round Halloween. I'm a giant baby and only get through by narrating my every movement and action in a sing-song voice to assure myself it's just fine, but I love it. And hate it. Yet last night I swam happily in the cold, dark sea while thinking about Jaws. Why am I such a coward indoors.

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