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An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs is out now

Meet lots of stock photo dogs, all of which are good

The last time I visited An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs it was still under construction. Still, I met some wonderful pooches. Like Gorby, a friendly black lab who ran a souvenir shop and gave me a gun. Oh how I've missed him. Thankfully, the airport's grand opening is happening right now so I can give him a big pet. And you can meet him too - just be gentle with him, okay?

An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs is a first-person adventure game where you and your fiancée are the last two humans left in the universe. As prophesised, dogs now run airports and society as a whole. And in a somewhat inconvenient turn of events, you'll need to navigate these pup-laden airports to find your boo, who simply can't stop planet-hopping.

To maintain this long distance relationship, you'll need to chat with stock photos of beautiful, unsettling, friendly, and often hilarious dogs who are just trying their best. These airports aren't just set dressing either, so it's important to keep an eye on timetables, buy your tickets, and watch out for cancellations. Oh, and attempt to decipher the strange alien language that's become the norm.

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Even in the early build I played, I thought Dog Airport Game was a tonne of fun. I met a lot of personable dogs and they were all genuinely funny. But I also liked that some of them had some deep stuff to say, which actually made me chuckle contemplatively. Now that each airport has been fully built, I can't wait to meet more mutts.

I also remember Dog Airport Game being more RPG than I'd expected. Not that I had loads of grand, sweeping quests to complete, but I remember feeling rewarded for exploring each airport and meeting its canine employees.

So yes, I'm excited to explore An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs which is out right now. You can buy it on Steam, with a 10% launch discount making it £14/€15/$18 until June 1st.

Disclosure: Developer Xalavier Nelson Jr. has written articles for RPS over the years, but this doesn't have a bearing on the goodness of the dogs.

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