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An Elden Ring bug lets you do Getting Over It cosplay

Pot boys, not warrior jars

Just a small daft fun thing: I'm delighted to see an Elden Ring player has realised you can use a bug to dress as the star of Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy, complete with his pot. Of all the strange outfits I've seen in Elden Ring, this is one of my favourites. What a joy to see that unlikely gaming icon again, and how gracious of him to visit an easy game for babies.

It's thanks to Mimic's Veil, an item which makes you look like a random scenery prop appropriate to your location (similar to the Dark Souls spell Chameleon). A bug means that combining Mimic's Veil with certain items (specifically, things which make your footsteps silent, like Crepus's Vial talisman and the Black Knife armour) will cause your body to reappear in the middle of the prop. So, if you do like @Lam_taro and make your Tarnished a bald nude fella with a pick then stand in the right zone, you might turn into...

...2017's breakout video game fashion icon! (And star of one of our favourite games of 2017.) Compare and contrast with Brendan's, ah, enthusiastic attempt to Get Over It:

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I did also enjoy this striking Pop-up Pirate:

Just a small daft fun thing.

Elden Ring has, in turn, invaded other games. Someone made a great Elden Ring level in Trials Rising. And speaking of remaking places from other games, I need your help to settle a question involving possibly the most remade place: what's better, romance or de_dust2?

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