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And Now Shadow Of The Eternals Has A Kickstarter Too

Do you know what the very scariest thing is? No, no, not losing your mind and truly believing that - I don't know - you always have to sneeze but never can. Obviously, it's the realization that your multi-million dollar crowdfunding campaign might not reach the golden heights you originally anticipated. Which is not to say that Shadow of the Eternals is a sinking ship, but a hair over $150,000 (of a $1,500,000 goal) in one week is maybe not the most surefire start. And so, "due to overwhelming popular demand," Precursor has launched a Kickstarter on top of the main drive, and it's off to... well, I can certainly confirm it's started.

As of writing, Shadow's Kickstarter was at $23,578 of its $1,350,000 goal. That comes after 24 hours of existence, which is 247,000 years in Kickstarter time. It is, however, worth noting that this one's set to cough its final sand grain into the bottom of the hourglass in 35 days - which is both longer than many other Kickstarters and a rather marked extension over the first funding campaign (now at 23 days remaining).

Precursor also recently released nine minutes of footage, which actually looks rather spiffy - though somewhat madly cut-scene-heavy. But maybe that's just for show, and the final product will ease off the "moviemoviemoviemovie" pedal a little.

Well, if it ends up existing, that is. Precursor's limbs could well be tangled in Silicon Knights' weeping wreckage, especially given how reluctant Precursor's seemed to talk about that rather important connection. Also, there's the obvious matter of a rather tepid reaction to this crowdfunding attempt, but a breathless sprint to the finish isn't entirely out of the question just yet.

It's a complicated situation. Fingers crossed that it somehow results in an excellent game, but history says that's probably not the most, um, plausible outcome here.

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