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Anger Foot is an FPS where doors are asking to be kicked

There's a demo out now

Anger Foot. It’s angry and there are certainly plenty of feet. From Free Lives, the creators of Broforce and Genital Jousting, it’s so aggressively kicky that I don’t feel like going near doors anytime soon. They describe it as a “lightning fast hard bass blast of kicking down doors and kicking ass”. Good grief. Keep an eye on the threatening tootsies in the trailer below.

Lo, behold the toecaps of Anger Foot in action.Watch on YouTube

Set in the magnificently monikered Shit City, Anger Foot lets you smack doors in with your boots. Also, the faces of gangsters behind those doors. They’re a bit unusual looking for gangsters, but I quite like all the bright, pretty colours so I’ll let them off. You don’t just have to kick things, mind, because there’s guns to shoot too. What good are guns against the sole of Anger Foot though?

Lauren picked up on Anger Foot last year, shortly after Free Lives first created it as part of the 7 Day FPS game jam in December 2020. You can download that slim, original Anger Foot for a price of your choice on, or you can grab a demo of the new, polished Anger Foot on Steam as of, ooh, right now. As Free Lives say: “Shit City is a disease and your foot is the cure.”

Anger Foot is aiming ot release at some point during 2023. Don’t bother locking your doors in the meantime, he’ll just kick them in anyway. He is Anger Foot, after all.

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