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Animal Crossing meets My Time At Portia in archipelago life-sim Critter Cove

A cozy island paradise? Don't mind if I do

A person in a boat made of a bath tub looks back on a island in Critter Cove
Image credit: tinyBuild

Who would have thought a bathtub would make a great little tugboat, but after seeing Critter Cove's protagonist toot his way around a sunny archipelago, it makes perfect sense. Announced during the PC Gaming Show, Critter Cove is an upcoming life-sim where making strange contraptions is all part of the fun. Check out the trailer below.

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Critter Cove has that all-familiar life-sim feel. You'll be making friends with the locals, helping them improve their town, exploring the surrounding areas and more. The one thing I like about it though, is the crafting which lets you repurpose trash you find on the island. This isn't unusual for life sims but in Critter Cove your creations look a little more hodgepodge, which I like. It reminds me of My Time At Portia, which is more focused on the crafting and engineering side than the life-sim-y side.

You'll also be cast as the archipelago's town recruiter of sorts, finding critters from around the islands to move into the main town. You can assign them jobs, build them homes, and help them out with any other problems they have. Sure, there are humans and animals, but there are robots too - cute robots!

No release date for Critter Cove but looking at the Steam page it's releasing into early access sometime this year.

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