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Anodyne 2: Return To Dust will be sweeping into stores in May

A brush with the unexpected

Developers Analgesic Productions have announced that dreamily atmospheric clean ‘em up sequel Anodyne 2: Return to Dust will launch in May.

If you’ve not seen the game in action before, it’s a Zelda-y, mixed graphics adventure RPG, and, well, you should probably take a look at the teaser trailer, which has really quite a lot packed into its short 30 seconds.

Cover image for YouTube video

Adam reviewed the first Anodyne in the far off time of 2013, and seemed to like it, calling it “a refreshingly well-designed top-down adventure.” This sequel trades that top-down gameplay for N64ish 3D graphics – but only sometimes. Other times it hops back into that original style, as Analgesic Productions explained in a video last year.

This trailer shows off those two modes a little more, as well as demonstrating, though not explaining, protagonist Nova’s ability to morph into a car. There’s also some exploration of strange but beautiful environments, and host of glimpses at, in my opinion, equally strange but beautiful creatures. I am quite a fan of the sheer density and variety of things going on here.

All this before we even get to mentioning the plot, which sees Nova cleaning Nano Dust from inside various other characters, before delivering it for recycling at a “mysterious entity only known as the ‘Center.’”

One member of the development team, Sean Han Tani, is also the creator of All Our Asias, which lots of people I trust have said is very good, though I’ve tragically never gotten around to playing it myself. Still, it’s free on Steam, or pay-what-you-want with no minimum on itch.io, and looks to have some of the same dreamlike feeling imposed by the low-poly graphics and floaty music. Seems more than worth a peek if you’re looking for something to keep you occupied until May.

Anodyne 2 will also be available on Steam and itch.io, along with indie-focused storefront Kartridge.

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