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Another Voice Of Cards game is coming from Yoko Taro and chums

Arriving on short notice this month

Square Enix today announced a follow-up to Voice Of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars, the 2021 card-based JRPG by a team with Drakengard and Nier veterans including that infamous masked developer, Yoko Taro. Voice Of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden is the new one's name and surprise, launching later this month is its game—less than five months after the first.

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"Set on a remote chain of islands that have been protected by the Maidens for generations, the turn-based adventure will have players follow the protagonist to save the people of the island as they face the threat of destruction," Squeenix said. "In this touching tale set in a world of melancholic beauty, players will set sail for the high seas, together with Laty, a girl who failed to become a Maiden."

Our Katharine was not super into the first game, explaining in her Voice Of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars review that it "isn't so much a card game as it is a JRPG in card game clothing, but its simple, repetitive battle system fails to make much of an impression."

The Forsaken Maiden is made by a team including creative director Yoko Taro (of Nier and Drakengard fame), music director Keiichi Okabe (from Drakengard 3 and Nier), and character designer Kimihiko Fujisaka (also Drakengard). It will bump into their other work a bit, with planned DLC doodads including a 2B costume for the player character, YoRHa card backs, and a battle board based on Nier: Automata's stunning Copied City. Can't have a game about maidens without maid outfits, I suppose.

Voice Of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden is coming to PC via Steam on the 17th of February, and will be on PlayStation 4 and Switch too.

The first Voice Of Cards game does still have a demo available on Steam so you can check it out for yourself.

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