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Apex Legends challenges you to a spot of boxing in its new event

What happens at Fight Night, stays at Fight Night

Meet me in the ring. Not the normal scary Apex Legends death ring though, the boxing ring! Respawn Entertainment are kicking off a new collection event for the battle royale this evening: Fight Night. It's a new town takeover themed around the lovable murderbot Pathfinder, in which players will be stripped of their guns and face-off in fisticuffs. A new game mode is joining the fray too, as are lots of new cosmetics and a small army of robots you might recognise from the Titanfall games.

First up, Fight Night will place a giant boxing ring on the Olympus map. Players who jump into the ring will have their weapons and abilities disabled, so the only way to deal with enemies inside is to punch and kick for your life. Players outside of the boxing ring won't be able to shoot in either, so once you're in there the only threats are your opponents' fists (or feet).

Given that Apex players have a bit of an affinity for boxing matches, I'm excited to see how well this goes. Some of the best fun I've had in this game involved matches ending in spontaneous fisticuffs.

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Respawn are also experimenting with how they launch limited-time game modes now. The new one for Fight Night is called Airdrop Escalation. It's essentially the same as a normal battle royale, except you'll find loads more supply drops than usual. The twist is that rather than being on its own playlist, it'll replace the normal battle royale mode for the duration of the event.

On top of all this, lots of loot MRVNs will be dotted around Olympus. These Titanfall 2 bots will drop loot if you give 'em a high five. You can tell what tier of loot they're hoarding by what's on their little chest screens (for example; a very happy yellow face means gold-tier stuff).

To go along with the event, a new animation in Apex Legends' Stories From The Outlands series has been released, this time focussing on Pathfinder's origins. It's a film noir-style story complete with shady gangsters and flashbacks aplenty.

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As with previous collection events, this one also comes with a load of pretty new cosmetics, most of which are themed around Pathy's film-noir boxing scene.

Fight Night kicks off for us UK folks at 6pm GMT (10am PT) today. There are plenty of bug fixes, tweaks and quality of life changes coming in tonight's patch too. Check out the website for more info.

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