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Apex Legends digs in for a new season with new legend Rampart

Heavy weapons, incoming.

Playing defensively rarely pans out in Apex Legends - at least, it's never panned out for me. But then, I've never had a whopping great turreted machine gun to help lock down Skulltown. That's all set to change later this month with the addition of scrappy mechanic Rampart and her life partner Sheila, arriving as part of Apex Legends' sixth season on August 18th.

Sheila is the gun, by the way. I very much look forward to getting to know her.

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Described on the Season's announcement page as "an expert modder who made her name in underground fight clubs", we still don't know much about Rampart, save that she's packing a whopping great minigun that I reckon she'll be able to deploy as one of her abilities. This'll likely put her in a defensive role, albeit one that's more scarier that Wattson's fences or Caustic's gas traps.

Season 6 will also add crafting to ApeLegs matches. In what appears to be an echo of Fortnite's vending machines, you'll be able to collect materials around the map for use in building better equipment. Titanfall 2 vets will also recognise Boosted's new weapon, as the electrified Volt energy SMG makes its way into the Apex arena.

As per, there'll also be the usual Ranked season and battle pass refresh when Season 6 launches on August 18th.

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