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Apex Legends explosive new character Fuse arrives in Season 8

As well as a new gun and big map changes

I can't believe it's been nearly two years since Apex Legends launched. Back then it had only one map and eight characters. Now the battle royale has three cool maps that chop and change as the seasons go by, and 15 (!) Legends. It's not long now until we meet the 16th either. Today, Respawn gave us all our first look at Fuse, an explosive Aussie Legend who's arriving in Apex's eighth season, which kicks off on February 2nd.

In a press release, Respawn call Fuse "the laid-back explosives expert". Get a load of his origin story in the new cinematic below.

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Fuse seems to start out his explodey career by finding a very shiny grenade with his pal when they were kids. They bond over this treasure while he becomes some sort of illegal fighting pro, and when they're all grown up, he decides to join the Apex games. His friend responds to this by attempting to kill him. They spend a few moments throwing the aforementioned grenade at each other with the pin removed, then Fuse just… gets his arm blown off, and walks away as though they've just had a very normal conversation. I'd argue that this doesn't make him look much of an explosives "expert", but laid-back? Sure, that tracks.

Usually, I like diving into the lore of these animations. However, with this one, I don't have any idea what's going on. Does the special shiny grenade they find have magic/techy powers? Why did Fuse's childhood friend suddenly want him dead (or, partially exploded)? Who even are these people? I have nothing but questions.

Thankfully, it seems I won't be waiting too long for answers. Fuse will arrive sometime in Season 8, which starts in just two weeks on February 2nd. He's bringing with him a new gun, the 30-30 Repeater (a lever-action rifle) and a "major overhaul" to the Kings Canyon map as well.

If you've been playing Apex recently, you might have seen a few teasers for the upcoming season already. Over the last few days, incendiary bombs have been spotted on Kings Canyon which explode into large puddles of fire when shot at. A hint at Fuse's abilities perhaps? Or a taste of some explosive map changes to come?

The new season is called Mayhem, so my money's on both.

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