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Apex Legends brings back the original Kings Canyon and World's Edge maps

The train is back! I'm so shit at landing on it!

Apex Legends' Genesis Collection Event started today, introducing lots of new cosmetics as Collection Events often do. But more importantly, this one has put the old versions of the Kings Canyon and World's Edge battle royale maps back into rotation. That means: Skull Town and the train have returned. Between now and July 13th, you'll be able to drop into some of your old favourite drop zones that have since been pulverised in the new map layouts. I played a few games on World's Edge last night, and it felt very strange being back.

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Last night, my squadmate and I dropped nowhere but the train (World's Edge was the map in rotation at the time). Well, we mostly dropped on the train - if you count the times we tried and fell short of it, booping ourselves off the back. I'd completely forgotten how tough it is to land on a platform moving that quickly. It was good fun though, especially watching characters like Valkyrie and Fuse (who were introduced after the train was halted) launch their rockets and clusterbombs into the tight corridors to cause maximum chaos.

Revisiting the first iteration of World's Edge was interesting to see how far Apex's map design has come. While the most recent version of the map isn't bigger, it feels like it, just because there's more in it. Old World's Edge is pristine with larger open areas (that aren't particularly fun to get caught out in), whereas the new version of the map has destroyed buildings, town takeovers and more that make it more exciting to fight through. It would be better if Respawn put the train in the new version of the map, of course, but replaying the oldie has made me realise that I actually prefer the new layout.

A bird's eye view of Skull Town on Apex's Kings Canyon map.
People think Skull Town is cool, but what's really cool is the Thunderdome (which is just past that very large skeleton there).

But enough of my reminiscing. The Genesis Collection Event has also turned Skull Town into a 3v3 Arenas map. It works well in these quicker matches too, letting players set up some tactical traps in it's maze of rooms and buildings without the fear of being third-partied.

Lots of balance changes and character tweaks arrived with this patch too, which you can see the full list of on the Apex Legends website. Some of the highlights include Revenant's hitbox being slimmed down and the distance he can climb being greatly increased. Lifeline, however, has had her hitbox size increased (she was very smol and hard to hit previously).

On top of that, Revenant got a scary scythe heirloom, and there's a new rewards track where you'll earn cosmetics for completing event challenges. Genesis started last night, and will run until July 13th.

If you're hopping back into the game after a little break, do check out our Apex Legends guides for tips and tricks to help you in the current season.

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