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Apex Legends is heading back to old school Kings Canyon this weekend

Back to where it all began

From today until Monday, Apex Legends is taking us back to Kings Canyon. Not just any version of Kings Canyon either, we're going all the way back to the Season 1 map, before those strange dino creatures started stomping across it.

It's weird to think about playing on that year-old map again - will muscle memory kick in helping us navigate the original layout? Will we remember all those old hiding spots Caustics would sit in to murder everyone? I don't know! But I'm real excited to find out.

If you're not a fan of Kings Canyon, don't worry, you'll still be able to play on World's Edge, as the old Season 1 map will be on a seperate playlist. It'll be interesting to see how the matchmaking queue times hold up with the playerbase split between the two - this could very well be a test to see if Respawn could have multiple maps available all the time.

I quite like having these little map excursions as limited-time events, though. Makes it feel more special when you get to play on an old favourite. I'm getting all nostalgic now watching the game's original trailers.

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The Kings Canyon map will be available to play on from today (at around 6-7pm GMT when the update goes live) until Monday the 24th February.

All you new players that have never experienced the old map might be interested in having a peruse of our Apex Legends guides to get some tips and tricks for playing on Kings Canyon. You might also be interested in this specific guide that details all the locations of the Nessie easter eggs, so you can go say hi to our old long-necked friends.

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