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Apex Legends is now on Switch, and can cross-play with PC

Plus a new event started with a new mode

If your Switchy pals have stared blanky while you gush about ziplines and boxing rings, good news: Apex Legends is now on Nintendo Switch, and supports cross-platform multiplayer so you can party up and give 'em a tour. The free-to-play battle royale FPS's Switch version launched last night, as did a new in-game event with part of the map converted into a toxic waste plant.

So, Apex on Switch! While a press release from Electronic Arts last night did initially say it needed a Nintendo Switch Online membership, whoops, they soon corrected that - it does not. And yep, like with the other console versions, it supports cross-platform play if you want it. So you can play with your Switchy pals, impresses then with your hot mouselook murders.

Yesterday also brought the start of the Chaos Theory Collection Event. Few things going on here. Stinky wizard Caustic has taken over Water Treatment, replacing with the Caustic Treatment facility. It's filled with toxic gunk but you can drain tanks to briefly uncover gold loot items in stinkcages.

Also new is Ring Fury, a playlist takeover which replaces Duos and Trios for the next two weeks. It introduces 'Ring Flares' to the fightzone each round, expanding pockets of murderwall material which will randomly pop up inside the safe zone after a little warning. However, the new Heat Shield item can be thrown down to drop a safe bubble temporarily protecting from any Ring damage. I say just go easy on the hot sauce, wahey. The devs say they plan to "crank up the prevalence, timing, and size of Ring Flares" across the event.

The update also introduced "No-Fill Matchmaking" which lets you play solo, but isn't the same as a solo queue - you can be dropped in alone against whole squads.

You can download Apex Legends on Switch from, idk, the Wii Shop Channel? The place with the groovy music and the groovier moves:

Yep, still makes me laugh like a drain.

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