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Apex Legends latest event adds a hot new Arenas map

Paving the way for ranked Arenas next month

While Apex Legends' excellent train and ye olde Kings Canyon map have gone away now, Respawn have added a spicy new map to the battle royale's Arenas mode in their place. Last night, the Thrillseekers event kicked off introducing Overflow, a purpose-built Arenas map set in what appears to be the lava-filled zones of World's Edge. I reckon it's the best map they've added yet for the 3v3 mode, and just in time for ranked Arenas to drop next season too.

Overflow feels a lot different from other Arenas maps because there's more stuff to fight around. High walls and verticality make things more fun for characters with movement abilities, while more enclosed spaces allow for more fast and sneaky strats - there's less opportunity to spy on your enemies from far away. Plus, lava is cool.

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Thrillseekers has added a bunch of new skins to buy this event too, with Gibraltar sporting a stylish bull-themed outfit, and Mirage being dressed up like a clown. At this point I feel like I'm being punished for playing him.

You can also earn some loot boxes and cosmetics on the Thrillseekers reward tracker by completing event challenges. Aside from the new map, this event is only a small one, but you can read a little more detail over on the Apex website.

It's nice to see a new permanent Arenas map added to the game. During the last event, the devs briefly put Skull Town into Arenas rotation, and while it was fun to explore an old favourite zone from the battle royale, playing on bespoke Arenas maps is a much better experience in my eyes. Lead game designer Daniel Klein confirmed in a comment on Reddit that the team are making more Arenas maps too, though there's no ETA on those just yet.

What there is an ETA on, however, is the ranked Arenas mode. During EA Play's The Future Of FPS panel that streamed last week, game director Chad Grenier said ranked Arenas would arrive next season (Season 10). Season 9 is expected to end early next month, so it won't be long now until we can put all this casual Arenas practice to good use.

To brush up on your skills before then, check out our Apex Legends Arenas guide.

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