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Apex Legends new character might have the saddest backstory yet

Sure there's also some new info about Apex's next season, but sad lore!!

I love all these online multiplayer games revealing lore through cool animations, but who gave them the right to make me so dang sad? Apex Legends' brand new video in its Stories From The Outlands series gives a bit of backstory on upcoming Legend Horizon - and it involves leaving her young son at home while she jets off to space to save the world.

Sure, some new info about Apex's next season has appeared, too, but sad lore!!

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The Scottish scientist has figured out a way to solve the energy crisis, but to do so, she needs some special space crystals. So off she goes, with a shady-looking co-scientist in tow, to find them, leaving her son behind and making a promise that she'll return. Oh yeah, that's when you know it's gonna go wrong.

But success! She finds the crystals. Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, the other shady scientist detaches Horizon's little research ship sending her out into the depths of space. But Horizon has a trick up her sleeve, and uses the crystals to throw herself into some sort of wormhole, arriving back home… 87 years later.

That's not the end of Horizon's story, though. I mean, there's a suggestion she'll see her boy again, but you know, not before entertaining a bit of battle royale bloodspot first.

She'll be arriving sometime in Apex's seventh season, which starts on November the 4th. This one is named Ascension, and will have players shooting each other on a brand new map called Olympus, a big city in the clouds. The website is telling me a vehicle this season called the Trident arrives this season, too, which is pretty wild.

It's unclear as of yet how Horizon will fit into it all. We've actually already seen her face popping up in-game, though. If you've been playing Apex at all, you might have noticed a disembodied Scottish voice inviting you to do some tasks. If you head to the training ground, she has a chat with you on one of the screens, and asks you to unlock Gravity Lifts across the arena (they're little electronic devices that throw you up in the air to zoom to a new location).

Challenges all completed! All 3 teasers in one video from r/apexlegends

Doing so will earn you some challenge points to level up your battle pass, and completing her entire "A Wee Experiment" questline will get you a cute gun charm, too.

All this gravity stuff she's into implies that her abilities might revolve around that stuff, however nothing is confirmed just yet. A portable Gravity Lift would be pretty cool, though.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. There's not long to wait now to meet Horizon properly. Keep an eye out for Apex Legends Season 7 next week, which arrives the same day as the game makes its Steam debut.

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