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Apex Legends' new event is live, and it brings a fix to the horrendous muzzle flash problem

And Respawn gave Octane a knife

System Override, Apex Legends' new two-week-long Collection Event started last night, bringing a flurry of new skins and weapon charms, and treating us to a new game mode with some fancy-sounding shields. Respawn have also decided to give Octane a knife - it's a part of his shiny new Heirloom set, and there's some changes to the way these Heirlooms work, too.

New pretty event things aren't the only interesting updates to the game, however. The developers have also fixed the awful muzzle flash problem, so now you can actually see who you're shooting at when you aim down sights.

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That new game mode, Deja Loot, takes away the random loot spawns and instead makes it so everything always spawns in the same place, every match. I, for one, can't wait to watch hordes of players drop on the one place they know the gold resurrection shield is. Though, it does sound like it might get boring quickly.

Deja Loot will take place on the World's Edge map this week, then on Kings Canyon from Tuesday 10th. This game mode will also feature the fancy new EVO shields, which upgrade to give you more protection the more damage you do, eventually allowing them to take more damage than top tier purple ones.

There's lots of nice cyberpunk-esque skins you can earn as part of the collection event that you can see in the trailer above, but the coolest new cosmetic addition is Octane's butterfly knife. This is part of Octane's Heirloom set which you can get for free if you buy all the event cosmetics, or will go into the general Heirloom pool after System Override ends.

The way you get Heirlooms is changing, too. Now, instead of getting a specific one when you open an Apex Pack, you'll get given Heirloom Shards so you can decide who's Heirloom set you want. You don't have to choose immediately either, so if your favourite Legend is yet to get their special set, you can keep hold of your shards until they do.

Now, if you've noticed you're hitting more shots in Apex today, it's probably because you can see past the muzzle flash on your guns now. Muzzle flash has been a problem since the game released, essentially making it pretty damn hard to see anything while you were firing. Here's a comparison to what the flash was like before and after the changes thanks to a friendly neighbourhood redditor:

Muzzleflash-comparison. R-99, Havoc, L-Star, Flatline, R301, Spitfire. Firing Range+Ingame. from r/apexlegends

All of this comes via a pretty chonky update, so get ready for a 16 gigabyte download if you've yet to install it. While this event certainly isn't 16gb worth of content, Respawn said that this big patch means all the future ones will be a lot smaller. It's worth noting that some players (myself included) have had issues with the update too, so if you haven't installed it just yet, I recommend keeping an eye on the download when you do.

The System Override event runs from March 3rd until March 17, and you can find out more on the event page, and check out more details in the patch notes.

Don't forget to keep an eye on our Apex Legends guides to get all the tips and tricks to stay one step ahead of your enemies.

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