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Apex Legends' new season 6 trailer shows off Rampart in action

Oh, and Sheila too

Last week all you Apex Legends players got the stylish animated introduction to Apelegs season 6 "Boosted". Now it's time for a look at how you'll be actually playing the newest shootin' and lootin' character Rampart. There's a bit of everything we'd already heard about in here: the new Legend, new SMG, and new crafting system. Check it out with your own peepers below.

It does indeed look like Rampart's turret Sheila may be a deployable deal good for peppering your enemies from a safe distance. Rampart also appears to have some ground shields with one-way barriers that teammates can use to shoot through. The World's Edge has gotten a few changes as well with some new blast walls.

The big change looks to be the crafting system, accessed through terminals. Don't get caught staring at those unawares, right? You can spend the materials—which actually appears to be a singular material—to craft from a selection of options at the terminal. If the loot just isn't turning up for you, that'll be an alternative option to get what you need.

As usual, there's another season of Ranked play coming with Boosted along with a Battle Pass for you to shoot your way through. You can get a quick overview of everything in the new season on the official Apex site.

Season 6 will launch next Tuesday, August 18th.

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