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Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! Fighting Onto PC

What a name!

No, Arc System Works still haven't brought Guilty Gear Xrd to PC. Their cruelty continues, as today they announced they're instead bringing Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! [official site] our way next and I did not change the punctuation or capitalisation of that name at all because it is amazing.

The all-female fighting game developed by Examu was first released to arcades in 2009, then consoles in 2011, and will finally come to Windows on September 29th. Come observe anime schoolgirls, witches, and goodness knows who else beating the heck out of each other with some pleasingly colourful special moves:

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For reasons I don't entirely understand, 23 young ladies are duffing each other up. I think they're angels or something? They're called Angels, at least, though given how zany fighting game plots can be, that may be an in-game term for prototype military cyborg infiltration units. Don't look to me for answers; most of my knowledge of fighting ladies comes from campy girl gang films (not one for the workplace, that trailer). The point is: you fight.

As well as 23 characters (I like the look of the young lady who draws a cartoon monster for attacks) to choose from, it has a choice of 23 'Arcana' to add on top too - traits which bring passive abilities and new moves to shake things up. Along with your standard campaign and online multiplayer, it'll have modes like "survival score attack".

Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! (what a name!) will be on Steam for Windows on September 29th. It'll cost $30 (£20-ish), but launch with a 10% discount.

The next arcade revision of the game will be named Arcana Heart 3: Love Max SIX STARS!!!!!! and that is even better.

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