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ArcheAge Is Out, Launch Trailer Has Sky Boats

One of these will be successful eventually

ArcheAge is out! It's-- No, not acreage, which I imagine might be a game about measuring land to settle territorial disputes. Why do you always interrupt me? It's instead a free-to-play fantasy MMO in the Lineage mold, but merges yer trad-questing with something supposedly more sandbox-y. There are pirate ships and flying ships and player housing and all the things, as seems to be the way with the modern massively multiplayer sort. Launch trailer below, featuring a few highlights.

Although it's published by the familiar Trion Worlds, makers of Rift, it's actually developed by XL Games. They were previously responsible for the Korea-only Civilization MMO, Civilization World.

The word I heard from the head-start period - where early subscribers get access to servers early - was all positive and optimistic. People seemed surprised by the game. But since its proper launch earlier this week, I hear ill-word of long queues to enter servers. Which perhaps means that it's more Line-age than Lineage inspired.

Yes, this whole post was written to support that joke.

Have any of you given it a try so far, and if so what were your experiences? Should we send someone in to investigate, or is it better left ignored?

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