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Ark: Survival Evolved going underground in Aberration

Befriend a Lantern Pug

The first expansion for craft-o-sandbox survive 'em up Ark: Survival Evolved [official site] arrived while the game was still in early access, which was a funny move. But since Ark properly, fully launched this week, hey here comes another expansion. Developers Studio Wildcard today announced Aberration, which will explore the caves of a busted Ark filled with weird monsters. Along with new creatures like that legged anglerfish I'm told is called a Lantern Pug, it'll bring 50+ new items including climbing picks, wingsuits, and ziplines. That sounds like great cavefun. Have a look:

This Ark has got wonked, see, meaning the surface is barren but its rockguts are riddled with caves and crawling with new life. Along with cute lantern friends, it'll bring the chance to tame terrors like the Nameless Queen who can "impregnate your foes with a horrifying reproductive chest-burster". Oh, right, yes, the caves are infested with the Nameless, a mutated humanoid species who fear the light but love your face.

Aberration is due out on Steam some time in October. It'll cost £14.99/19,99€/$19.99 on its tod or come as part of the £34.99/39,99€/$44.99 season pass that includes Scorched Earth and the third, yet-unannounced expansion.

As Ark is made by a squillion studios, Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement, and Abstraction Games are all chipping in on Aberration.

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