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Hooray For Santy Claws! Ark: Survival Evolved's Crimbo

It's a Christmas miracle!

Only two doors remain closed on the Advent calendar (I'm saving today's choccie for a filling afternoon snack) and tension is mounting. What will these final two doors reveal? Will my fun-size Mars bar come in a festive wrapper? Will it have a picture of a raptor Santa? Wait, no, that's Ark: Survival Evolved [official site]. The Early Access survive 'em up has launched its Christmas update, and Santy Claws is feeling giving.

Raptor Claus, to use his less cool real name, is now flying through the skies, dropping big presents to the winter wonderland below. Players can tear into them for things like Santa hats, candy cane clubs, reindeer costumes, and lumps of coal that can, if you get enough, summon the fire-breathing DodoRex to do your bidding.

Question: if birds are essentially dinosaurs, is roasted dinosaur an acceptable Christmas feast?

Oh, and if you do want to feast, you can decorate your home with things like lights, trees, wreaths, stockings, and snowmen, and give people loot-packed presents. Check the announcement for more on all this Christmas update brings.

Ark: Survival Evolved is 40% off in the Steam sale, down to £13.79. The full version is due to launch in June 2016.

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