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Fight And Ride Dinosaurs In Ark: Survival Evolved


At first glance Ark: Survival Evolved [official site] looks like another online, open-world survival game. That’s because it is. But it's also a game in which you can capture, train and ride dinosaurs. And then fight other dinosaurs. How are there not more games around that allow you to do this?

Ark was announced yesterday by newcomers Studio Wildcard, who promise that it will include all of your favourite survival game features like crafting, hunting, building and waking up naked. Build a tribe with your friends, then fight your other friends. With dinosaurs.

You’ll be able to try all this out for yourself when it lands on Steam Early Access on June 2nd, before its official launch in 2016. Here's the announcement trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

The trailer footage looks visually stunning and the whole game seems to have just the right level of tongue in cheek. Triceratops and Pterodactyls mixed with giant scorpions and... dragons? Underneath the whole prehistoric, land before time feel (we'll just forget we saw someone firing a machine gun in the trailer) there's an even more intriguing sci-fi story going on. Beams of light and floating structures and what’s that embedded in the player's wrist?

Yeah, okay. Definitely going to be checking this one out when June 2nd rolls around.

The Stomping Land promised a similar experience last year, even if it woefully failed to live up to it. Things did not go well for The Stomping Land and it’s no longer available to buy on Steam. Hopefully Ark: Survival Evolved fares better.

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