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Skelesaurs! Ark: Survival Evolved Celebrating Halloween

More treat than trick

We do post about Ark: Survival Evolved [official site] an awful lot for an Early Access multiplayer sandbox survival game (of which there are oh so many), but that's mostly because it keeps adding fancy cool things. This post? This is about how its Halloween update has spooky skeletal dinosaurs roaming around, a giant fire-breathing DodoRex to fear, pumpkins to carve, and other eerie additions that are difficult for me to ignore. Look at these cool things:

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What are you seeing there? Developers Studio Wildcard explain it all, but basically the next week has longer nights and shorter days, hordes of bats and spiders and other traditionally spooky creatures, a very new spooky creature in a giant DodoRex with its flock of tameable zombie dodods, Skelesaurs to fight, new items to craft and collect including costumes, hats, and masks, and more. You might find Ark game codes to give your pals free copies too.

I am still impressed by how frequent - and large - Ark's updates are. Most Early Access survive 'em ups lose steam quickly, but it looks like Ark might make good on its plans for a full release on June 2016. Early Access is about more than simply adding content, mind, and I don't have a good sense for the state of Ark's underlying systems. How's it going, folks who have given it a good play?

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