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Patchman: Arkham Fixy

As roughly 50% of the emails to the wheezing RPS inboxotron over the last week will attest to, Rocksteady and Warner have not exactly displayed willing enthusiasm when it comes to the PC edition of Batman: Arkham City. A long- and mysteriously-delayed launch followed by DirectX 11 performance that was about as smooth as stinging nettle moonshine, then the final insult of the eventual patch screwing up many folks' savegames despite leaving many of the initial problems unresolved. And then, silence. Months-long silence.

Our own attempts at establishing just what the flipping fudge was going on came to naught, which made the torrent of increasingly florid complaint emails we were copied in on all the more distressing. Now, finally, Rocksteady have put out a patch. It claims to fix all the right things, which you can find below. Let us know here if it has or hasn't worked. Also, whether or not you're wearing any manner of headgear right now. We're always interested in that.


Occurences of Save File Corruption
Achievement re-locking issues
Crossfire/SLI Issues: graphical flickering, FPS improvements when running crossfire
Instances of 32-bit memory problems
Penguin's accent has been adjusted to West Indian
Improvements to performance in cut-scenes and death taunts
Error messages removed when patching the game and improved patching process

Hooray for that, hopefully. It's all yours if you let the game auto-update via Steam. All being well, that frees our inbox up to be filled by more nutters accusing John of taking bribes from EA. Never become a games journalist, etc.

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