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Fassassin's Creed Movie In 2016

The Assassin's Creed movie, starring Michael "elephantine" Fassbender, has finally been actually properly genuinely greenlit, and production's already in swing for jumpy-stabby silver screen action in late 2016. Given that the misfortunes of earlier Ubisoft adaptation Prince of Persia panned out resulted in Jake Gyllenhaal turning away from ultro-budget action movies, if this struggles similarly we might see the Fass slope off back to arthouse for a while. I might be OK with that.

Oh, maybe Fassassin's Creed will be good. You never know. Hollywood does so seem to struggle with this sort of thing, though. I guess whichever Assassin the film winds up starring could be essentially seen as a historical superhero, which vaguely fits current blockbuster appetites, at least.

The big question is exactly who Fassbender is going to play, and whether they'll be adapting any of the present-day sci-fi conceit as well as the olden days parkour element. It would be... problematic if Fassbender was to be the Syrian-born Altair, but I guess he could play an Ezio-like Euro-type at a pinch. But would he dual role Desmond and a Desmond ancestor, or will there be a big co-star? Empire seems to think the Fass will go full Desmond, but in the past Ubisoft have poured some cold water on that idea.

Said Ubiboss Yves Guillemot of the project, "We have the pleasure to announce today that the green light has been given by New Regency, and the production has already started. This is a very important milestone for the project and for our team on Assassin’s Creed."

Justin Kurzel, of Snowtown and Macbeth, is slated to direct. Haven't seen either of those - should I?

Of course, it's entirely possible this will never happen. Many a game movie never came to pass - whither the potentially exciting Bioshock? - but it does sound like the great Hollywood engine has actually spun into life on this one now. There's even a specific release date - December 21st, 2016. I don't know, is a Christmas slot a vote of confidence or a death knell? That seems to be around the time they always push out a rubbish Keanu Reeves movie that no-one really wants to watch.

Important note - the above image is of a fan's painstaking and faintly terrifying recreation of Asscreed's hidden blade. RPS hasn't accidentally stumbled into a scoop.

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