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Assassin's Creed Oranges update 6 - better graphics, revised difficulty, beards

Stream textures like an Egyptian

Yesterday, the very fabric of society was threatened when some people disputed, with terminally dangerous inaccuracy, my 100% objectively and factually correct assertion that the currently-free Assassin's Creed 4 is the bestest best Assassin's Creed game of all time. Some of these anarchistic perverts argued that this year's Egypt-set Origins was the better man-stabber, despite its complete absence of ghost pirate ships and Welsh accents, and rest assured they will suffer for this blasphemy.

But I am a merciful dictator of gaming opinion, so before they are all rounded up and fired into the sun, I shall first allow them to enjoy the bountiful contents of Asscreed Origins Update 6. Also known as patch 1.1.0, this 1.2GB bundle o'fixes includes significant graphical improvements and the aforementioned new difficulty mode. Enjoy it while you still draw breath, heretics.

(Assassin's Creed Origins is perfectly OK, but 4's still better, goddit?)

The update landed yesterday, and I should point that, if you bought the game via Uplay instead of Steam, you're looking at 2.7GB rather than 1.2GB download, so do warn your granddad that his Mrs Brown's Boys stream might be a bit jerky today. There's a looooong list of added and changed stuff, but the headline features are these:

- a new Nightmare mode for difficulty gonks
- an option to make enemies auto-scale up to the player's level
- a clutch of graphical improvements, including revised texture streaming to allow more HD textures, more detailed far-off backgrounds, longer view distances in some areas, plus a new HDR option
- stability improvements and a fix for stuttering when running borderless on GeForces
- more Hood, Hair, and Beard customisation
- a 'Uncompleted Locations' map filter to save some schlepp if you're trying to 100% this mother
- 'quit to desktop' added to pause menu, thus saving us from a repeat of this horror

And much, much more, as they say. The full list - also including some in-game economy re-balancing and various fixes for specific quests and NPC behaviours - is here.

Truth be told, even though I am 100% objectively and factually correct when I say that AC4 is the best in the series, I've only given ACO a couple of hours (I had an American Truck Simulator expansion to play, donchaknow), but all being well I'll finally take its pulse properly over Christmas. And will of course refuse to eat any of my words, even if I have the best time imaginable with it.

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