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Atomicrops sprouts out of Epic exclusivity next week

Plant, harvest, slaughter, repeat.

It's tough work, farming through a nuclear winter. Tough enough that Atomicrops is now recruiting farmhands from beyond the confines of the Epic Games Store. Only a few months after release, publishers Raw Fury this week announced that their carrot-plucking twin-stick shooter is heading to Steam and GOG later this month - bringing a bounty of irradiated new content with it.

Launching on Epic back in May, Bird Bath's apocalyptic harvest is heading to new pastures with a free new update next Thursday.

To be reductive, Atomicrops is the mutated offspring of Stardew Valley and Nuclear Throne. A pastoral life sim with a killer shotgun. Laying out your crop of irradiated veggies, you're tasked with keeping your fields safe from rampaging nasties until they're ready to for harvest - selling them for currency to upgrade your tools, or slapping a little magic goo on them to turn 'em into mutant farmhands.

While it was a little barren featured back in his Atomicrops early access review, our Steve Hogarty still found the game to be "a joyously charismatic, artistic and testing twin-stick shooter, with dancing carrots and flying squirrel guns. Atomicrops is lovely for as long as you can stay alive to enjoy it."

Next week's harvest arrives alongside the free Thyme Flies update, adding 12 farm upgrades, three weapons, and a clanking great tractor for ploughing into new biomes. Two new characters have also arrived in town, and the Steam edition now features daily challenges and leaderboards.

Atomicrops harvests its crop on Steam and GOG on September 17th for £12/€15/$15.

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