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Alice Bell

3 days ago

Feature: Hide in shadows

The Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 125: the best sneakings in games special

Welcome once again, gentle listener, to the Electronic Wireless Show podcast. This week's episode demands that you tread carefully and quietly, in case you disturb Nate, or awaken the Ken Loach he has trapped in a shipping container in his garden, for we are discussing the best sneakings in games. Our favourite stealthy-me-dos. We also bring you a long tangent about zoos, a brief discussion…

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1 week ago

Feature: She had it coming

Shout out to the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla NPC who went all in on killing his daughter

Recently I have been spending a lot of time in Assassin's Creed Valhalla galloping around the east and south east. There are some lovely views around Kent and Dover, and it's nice to go to the beach sometimes instead of traipsing through the moist fecundity of the more forested areas in Mercia. This means I have been hoovering up some of the side quests (or…

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Feature: From the ground up, lads

The Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 124: the best maps in games special

Excuse me do you have the directions to a good podcast episode? Actually, I don't know why I'm asking: here at the Electronic Wireless Show we practically wrote the map. Ahahaha. Yes, episode 124 is all about the best maps in games, which means it is mostly an excuse to talk about Hitman. Nate enthuses mightily about Red Dead Redemption 2, and I get a…

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Feature: Get ready to die

Have You Played… Rage 2?

I have often related how, whilst covering E3 2018 from the UK, I was watching Bethesda's live show at some ungodly hour in the morning, having not slept for some days because of watching other live shows at ungodly hours in the morning, and suddenly Andrew W.K. happened.He and his band absolutely crushing Ready To Die (Mr. W.K. proving he is indeed a very accomplished…

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2 weeks ago

Feature: It's another word for male donkey

TIL there was a Jackass: The Game

I'm still in the state of mind that you get over the Christmas break, where you see a movie that's playing on TV in the middle of the day, and think "Eh, sure, I'd watch all of Miss Congeniality right now", as you eat the last of the stale cheese and crackers. Which is how I ended up watching Jackass: The Movie this weekend.It's almost…

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Feature: No, not that murder, the other one

Hitman 3’s murder mystery parody level is the most fun I’ve had playing Hitman

Ian Hitman is imminently to return in Hitman 3 and, like Bourne off of Bourne, he faces near insurmountable odds in his struggle against a giant secret society that controls the world. Except who cares about that, really, because with all due respect to the writers, the overarching plot of the Hitman series was never the most fun or interesting bit. Hitman is about exploring…

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Feature: One of us can only tell two truths and no wait that's wrong

Have You Played… Telling Lies

You all remember Her Story, right? The video-clip detective game that launched a thousand FMVs, none of which were quite as good as Her Story? Developer Sam Barlow followed up with Telling Lies, which is another video-clip detective game that is probably not quite as good as Her Story - though it is much more polished.

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Feature: Creatures of the deep

The Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 123: the whales/Wales/wails special

It's the new year! And, like everyone else, as the first weeks of January creak by, we turn our thoughts to Sir Anthony Hopkins, two versions of whom join us on this week's Electronic Wireless Show podcast. Pick your favourite Hopkins in the comments. The Anthonies' surprise appearance was precipitated by this week's theme, via listener Malcolm, who emailed in with the suggestion 'best whales'.…

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Feature: Freedom and canned fish for all!

The best game you missed in October 2020: Mesmer

We are living, we are constantly told, through unprecedented times. Years like 2020 are the kind of years that make me think things like "woah, we are living through history, like, all the time", like a stoned 20-year-old gap year dude coming to self awareness for the first time in his life. In Mesmer you get to be the history maker, in an old-world, European-esque…

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1 month ago

Feature: Ho ho ho!

The Electronic Wireless Show podcast: the Christmas 2020 specialette

The RPS podcast network (comprising this podcast and The PC Gaming Weekspot) didn't want to leave you bereft over the break, so we've got a little Christmas Eve treatette for you, stuffed right down in your filthy stocking. Yes, it's a mini podcast - by which I mean about 40 minutes, which is actually quite maxi - where we just have a little chat about…

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Feature: See if you can guess who I mean before you open this

Let’s be honest, we all know who should have actually played Johnny in Cyberpunk 2077

Let me preface this by saying that I, like everyone else, have an enormous amount of respect and affection for Keanu Reeves. By all accounts he is just a very lovely man, and to different people he is Ted "Theodore" Logan, he is Neo the chosen one, latterly, he is dog-loving murdermachine John Wick. He has put in fabulous turns in some truly iconic productions.It's…

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Feature: I see the moon and the moon sees me

Have You Played… Ritual Of The Moon?

Ritual Of The Moon is an unusual game. Similar to The Longing, it has a real time element to it, although with Ritual Of The Moon it is more specific. You see, the Ritual Of The Moon has to be played once a day, every day, for 28 days, in order to complete it. Oh ho ho, you can see where this is going.

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Feature: It was acceptable in the 90s

Have You Played… Guard Duty?

Whomst among us hasn't got absolutely bladdered and woken up the next day having lost all of their uniform and with no idea what happened the night before? Well me; I haven't done that. But I am not Tondbert, the plucky protagonist of retro-style point and click adventureGuard Duty. Tondbert's drunken lapse in judgement has resulted in his kingdom's princess being kidnapped, which is not…

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Feature: Sound the award trumpets!

Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 121: the 2020 awards special

Welcome, gentle listener, to the 2020 Electronic Wireless Show podcast game awards special! No, not an entire show about Geoff Keighley's cavalcade of trailers (and some awards sometimes), but a bumper episode where we make up our own award categories, and then give them to the deserving games of 2020. These include The Ronseal Award for doing what it says on the tin (podcast not…

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Feature: A picture paints a thousand words, they say

Cyberpunk’s Night City looks best if you just stare up all the time

I'll let you in on a secret, and that is that I think Cyberpunk 2077 is a decent enough game, but it annoys you by getting in its own way all the time. An example of this is the setting Night City itself. It's a cracking city to have a wander around. I like how the districts really feel different, I like the strange warrens…

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