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Awesome Games Done Quick raises over $2.25 million for charity

Blink and you'll miss it

Speedruns themselves can be mind-boggling, but it's the community behind them that interests me the most. There's an infectious joy that comes across in every video that's come out of Awesome Games Done Quick, the annual week-long charity speedrunning event that wrapped up over the weekend. It's an event that provides the triple-whammy of heart warming camaraderie, entertaining speedruns and a whopping $2,269,209.96 so far for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. That's more than $50,000 over last year's total and donations are still rolling in - you can chip in here if you're so inclined.

I've collected some of the best runs for ya after the jump.

Here's the official youtube playlist, though as I write this only 113 of the 181 total runs have been uploaded to it so far.

It can be hard to follow what's happening in a single speedrun, and this Resident Evil 3 race between Bawkbasoup and Wusscake tasks you with watching two at once. The commentator does a good job of breaking down what's happening on both screens though, and the race dynamic adds a tension that I didn't realise was missing from normal speedruns.

I figured the blink ability in Dishonoured would make for good speedrun fodder, and this run from DrTChops doesn't disappoint.

Kotti's Arabian Nights run is another highlight. Watch out for the dancing commentators 11 minutes in.

There's also zallard1's double run of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! and Super Punch-Out!!, which he somehow manages to play simultaneously. Neither of those are PC Games, but it's an impressive enough feat for me not to care.

I'll leave you with this clip from Carcinogen's Resident Evil 7 run, though be warned that it contains spoilers. I haven't watched the full run all the way through, but there are plenty of other fun moments in what I've seen of the rest of it too.

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