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Axe Of The Blood God is a great podcast about RPGs

Podcasts for the podcasts god

I listen to podcasts while washing dishes, making food, walking places, running places, falling asleep, showering, bathing, playing games, and parenting. My goal is to never have to hear my own thoughts ever again by 2022, and the several hours over the Christmas break during which my inner monologue had Matthew's voice suggests I'm making progress. If you too crave self-annihilation, I've got a recommendation: Axe Of The Blood God, an RPG podcast, which launched a Patreon earlier this week. It's one of the best videogame podcasts I listen to.

Axe Of The Blood God is hosted by Kat Bailey and Nadia Oxford, two long-time game journalists and RPG experts. The focus of each episode changes, whether reviewing new releases, reconsidering old classics, holding roundtable discussions on perennial topics, or interviewing major developers.

Or heck, let them just describe the podcast themselves:

There are a lot of PC games discussed, natch, but I was particularly fond of the Console RPG Quest mentioned in that audio clip. It's a series which appraised the RPG library of game consoles stretching as far back as the Atari 2600. Console RPGs - particularly JRPGs - are a blindspot in my gaming knowledge, so it's fun to have entertaining, knowledgable hosts to share their expertise with me.

There are five years of episodes already available, but by signing up to the Patreon you can get access to a lot of extras. $1 a month gets you into their Discord server, $5 gets you new episodes a week in advance and a special podcast mini-series on RPG-related television shows (eg. The Witcher), and $10 gets you access to extra monthly episodes which explore classic RPGs in greater detail.

If you're not a listener but the podcast sounds familiar to you already, it might be because it was previously a part of USGamer, a website owned by the same corporate overlords as RPS. USGamer closed down at the end of last year, another casualty of Covid-19, despite the great work of everyone there. I was sorry to see it close, but that the podcast will continue is some comfort. Give it a try.

You can, of course, also enjoy RPS's own podcasts. The Electronic Wireless Show and The PC Gaming Weekspot are both weekly, both excellent, and both will eventually override your brain with Matthew's voice muttering about cones.

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