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Axiom Verge free to keep on Epic Games Store right now

A glitchtastic metroidvania

The latest giveaway game on Epic's shiny new Store is Axiom Verge, yours to grab for free for keepsies right now. First released in 2015, Axiom Verge is a metroidvania exploring a glitched-out alien world that may or may not be a computer simulation, a setting it uses to put neat spins on old genre tricks. Good stuff. You've got until February 21st to nab it then it's yours to play until the sun burns out or Epic shut up shop - whichever comes first.

Our John declared Axiom Verge one of the best metroidvania games in 2017, gushing his special type of praise:

"There are an awful lot of Metroid clones, especially those made with pixel graphics reminiscent of the early Nintendo releases, that are terrible. And an awful lot of them seem a lot more terrible than they are because they make the mistake of so closely trying to resemble the Mother Game, and thus invite direct comparisons. It’s a foolish approach, a guaranteed way to ensure your game is looked upon unfavourably, when forcing the association with the best of the best.

"Then again, Axiom Verge is bloody brilliant. If anything, Axiom pushes its luck by going even more minimal than a SNES-era Metroid, and yet emerges unscathed. While in many ways a tribute, it’s also very much its own thing, packed with plenty of its own ideas, and most of all, a grappling hook. And was all the work of a lone developer."

's good.

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Previous freebies on the Epic Games Store have been Subnautica, Super Meat Boy, What Remains Of Edith Finch, and The Jackbox Party Pack. Epic buying giveaways to get eyes on their store certainly ruffles fewer feathers than buying exclusivity deals - especially on games that were once due to hit other stores, like Metro Exodus.

You have until February 21st to claim Axiom Verge for free on the Epic Games Store. Made by Thomas Happ Games, it usually costs £15 so free isn't half-bad (it is of course often on sale for less but now it's FREE).

The next giveaway, from February 21st to March 7th, will be Thimbleweed Park. Go read our review to see what's coming.

"It's great that Epic is trying to compete with Steam, but they're going about it in the worst way," Johnny boy said.

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