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Baldur's Gate 3 is getting expanded epilogues, starting with Karlach in the next update

Plus more performance improvements

Karlach  introduces herself to the player.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun / Larian Studios

Baldur's Gate 3 first patch was released last week and fixed over a thousand bugs, but Larian aren't done. In a new post on Steam, Larian have laid out their future plans for updates - including performance improvements, a new Karlach epilogue, and more bug fixes.

It sounds as if act three is going to be the biggest beneficiary of some of the above. "We know that Act 3’s performance isn’t as good as the first two acts, but the good news is that Patch 2 is bringing major performance improvements to the entire game, but more specifically to Act 3 where you’ll feel it the most," says the update.

Likewise with bugs, Larian say that they have "seen your reports about Act 3, and we are as frustrated as you are by bugs spoiling the experience." To that end, "Patch 2 looks to further eliminate some of the more major issues, including those found in Act 3."

The post then moves on to talk about what the community has been referring to as "cut content", which Larian say sometimes isn't really cut content at all. In some instances, its content that isn't triggering due to bugs, which Larian say they'll fix. In others, its features in the epilogue that Larian cut because they didn't think it was good.

That said, while they apparently trimmed the epilogue because they were "afraid the ending cinematics were becoming too long", they recognise that "not everyone agrees with us!". They're therefore going to start expanding the epilogues with patch 2, beginning with "a new optional ending with Karlach. It's fiery, poginant, and gives her the ending she deserves."

Finally, Larian say that they're working on a feature to allow you to remove co-op party members who join your campaign, and a way to change your characters' appearance after you start a campaign, "though we don't have a release date for that yet."

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